Software Tailor has a variety of mobile solutions that help your organization become mobile, not to mention paperless. Software Tailor Mobile Solutions provide the ability to enhance productivity by enabling your personnel to manage their work orders and other facility information electronically through handheld devices such as a Pocket PC, cellular phone including Android, iPhone, Blackbery, iOS, Symbian, WebOS Windows Mobile and Windows Phone; or tablet computer like iPad or Android Tablets. This state-of–the-art technology has the features and functionality necessary to significantly improve productivity and service to your customers.

Mobile Solutions To Enhance Your Mobile Workforce Experience

Software Tailor Mobile Solutions provides your technicians with the ability to carry work orders and PMs on a mobile device. Prior to downloading these work orders and PMs, managers can review, prioritize, and assign them to specific technicians for the most effective use of their skills and time. Technicians can spend their time completing work orders, performing PMs, and making inspections instead of filling out paper forms or retyping data.

As the workday progresses, work performed can be recorded directly on the mobile device for uploading later to your information systems' database. Technicians can enter comments, labor time, materials, and other charges, as well as upload new work orders created in the field.

Why Software Tailor Mobile Solutions

Use any network including WiFi or cellular data network to allow your staff to synchronize on-demand or automatically.

In addition, assign a handheld device to one or more technicians without having to worry about losing data — each technician's work remains separate. If your Mobile device has scanning capability, the Bar Coding function increases accuracy and productivity even further.

This handheld electronic work order system enhances your organization's productivity.

Features and Benefits

  • Eliminate paper work orders and easily organize the results of your technicians' efforts
  • Eliminate double entry of technician's data by entering data directly into the mobile device
  • Provide your technicians with the opportunity to spend less time in transit and more time working
  • Choose from a variety of available mobile devices, including many ruggedized devices
  • Download assigned work orders and PMs and view by priority
  • Track labor time worked on an assignment using the timer's start and stop feature
  • Transfer completed work order information (comments, labor, material, other and charges) to your information systems' database directly from the handheld device
  • Record meter readings on equipment or vehicles which triggers generation of PMs
  • Generate corrective work orders automatically when PM failure code is chosen
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy utilizing bar coding technology to quickly scan bar codes representing areas or physical assets
  • Easily view PM task sheets directly on the mobile device
  • Use bar codes with mobile handheld devices equipped with barcode scanning technology
  • Utilize e-mail notification capability
  • Avoid missed steps using detailed checklists on work orders or PMs to assure accurate and consistent results and task completion
  • Create new inventory records for areas/rooms and assets on the mobile device
  • Create and upload new work orders from the work location while performing building inspections or other duties
  • Conduct inventories (including parts inventories) and update records from the mobile device directly to the information systems' database
  • Issue parts and upload all data from the mobile device directly to the information systems' database
  • Display preventive maintenance task sheets on the mobile device
  • Use detailed checklists and record the results directly on the mobile device

Mobile Solutions Industry Expertise

Why e-Tendering System?

As mobile applications have become common place, spanning over the entertainment industry, business applications and LBS, Software Tailor’s expertise in mobile solutions has put the company on the technology market’s radar as one of the best outsourcing providers of high quality mobile software for both consumer and enterprise clients. Software Tailor’s impressive record in developing software for various industries helps us to identify potential communication problems in mobile applications and to find optimal solutions.

Software Tailor is an award-winner solution provider who has extensive expertise in the development of handset software for business and entertainment consumer markets, with skills ranging from production and management of multimedia data on handsets, to the implementation of full-scale solutions that include complicated server-side modules.

Areas of Mobile Expertise

  • Social Networking
  • Mobile interfaces for enterprise systems
  • e-commerce, payment systems
  • GPS, Location Based Services
  • Rich content delivery and streaming video
  • Complex graphics, 2D and 3D
  • Mobile ads
  • Marketing apps

Mobile Solution Engagement Approach

  • Fixed-scope and dedicated team models
  • White- label option for clients of digital agencies
  • Real-time design mockups, quick prototyping
  • Proof of concept (including for fund raising purposes)
  • Focus in usability, rigorous QA
  • Agile development methodology
  • On-site/off-site approach for optimal communications

Case of the Month

Prudential Insurance

Prudential Insurance is one of the Fortune Global 500 and the world's third largest life insurance company. Their insurance agents use mobile phone running a customer relationship and quotation management application created by Software Tailor. Agents can review all their insurance orders, client information and able to generate insurance quotations instantly without an internet connection - all by the mobile device.

"We selected Software Tailor Inspection based on its lower cost, excellent customization service, deep functionality, and the ability to get up and running in a matter of weeks. - The Hong Kong Jockey Club"